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Such hacking is being done easily through email and video calling platforms

Such hacking is being done easily through email and video calling platforms

Cyber ​​Criminals are stealing sensitive information of users through video calling platform and email. The surprising thing is that it is happening on a large scale and you too can be a victim of it.

Internet usage is increasing among people, most services are happening online. From video calling to shopping, people's dependence on the Internet is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, the scope of hacking is also increasing and cyber criminals are taking advantage of this.

New fishing campaigns are being started and sensitive information of people is being stolen from the popular video calling platform. This is happening quite easily, because many people still open emails without thinking.

According to the cyber security agency check point, 1.92 lakh corona virus-linked cyber attacks are being done every week. This has been happening continuously for the last three weeks.

In this report, it has been said that in the last three weeks, about 20 thousand new domains related to Corona virus have been registered. 17% of these domains are created with false intentions and are suspected.

Frauds associated with COVID-19 have been started ever since the corona virus was introduced. Google has said that in just one week 18 million malware and phishing emails have been sent which are related to COVID-19 scam. All these have been sent through Gmail only.

How is this fraud

According to the Checkpoint report, Cyber ​​Criminals recently sent emails by creating a WHO-like domain and implicated people in their web. Many users have been affected by downloading malware by clicking such emails.
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Hacking is also happening using Zoom's fake domain

Apart from email, cyber criminals are doing this by supporting video calling platform. Zoom has become quite popular these days, and people's passwords are being stolen by creating fake domains.

In the beginning, there were many flaws in zoom, by taking advantage of this, hackers could identify zoom meetings and be active in it. Not only this, many such instances are also being seen where hackers hack and play porn content in the video platform.

Within a few weeks more than 2,500 domains connected to Zoom were registered. According to the report, 1.5% of these mistakes were made with intent, while 13% were suspicious. Since January, 6,576 domains associated with zoom have been registered worldwide.

The good thing about fishing is that to avoid this, you do not need any advanced method. You have to be careful.

It has been told earlier that any email - whether it is lottery, banking or corona virus is claiming. You will not open it as long as you are 100% sure that this email is correct and authentic.

You need to pay more attention to the attached email. Check the domain name of any website you suspect.

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Google will give loan to small business people in India, new feature also launched

Google will give loan to small business people in India, new feature also launched

American tech company Google has said that it will give loan to millions of merchants in India. This service company is going to start from this year and it will be done through Google Pay.

Google Pay is the company's payment app which is quite popular in India. Small business has suffered due to Corona virus and Google wants to give loans to these small businesses.

Google has said that the company is working with financial institutions and Bax to give credit through Google Pay for Business app. In India, the company launched the Google Pay for Business app at the end of last year.

According to Google, 30 lakh merchants are using Google Pay for Business App. Google also launched the Google My Business app in India in 2017. The company introduced it by targeting small businesses only.

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Google India director Shalini Girish has said, "Due to the corona epidemic and lockdowns, many businesses are in need of money, especially the needs of small businesses are increasing so as to reduce the distraction and recovery by adopting technology online." To come.

A new feature has been introduced in the Google My business app, under which businesses can increase their online presence. It will also be easy to find these businesses in Google search.

Nearby Stores has also been added to Google Pay. Under this, it will be easy for the users to find the stores of the nearby places and digital payments can also be made from here.

Voice Tweet feature introduced in Twitter, know what is and how it will work
Voice Tweet:

Voice Tweet feature introduced in Twitter, know what is and how it will work Voice Tweet:

Twitter has launched the Voice Tweet feature. There is a limit of 140 seconds. After the limit is over, the next voice tweet will be recorded by itself and will be added to your Twitter thread.

Micro-blogging website Twitter has launched a new feature Voice Tweet. This feature will currently be available for iOS. The company has said that it is initially being launched for limited users.

Twitter says that at times 280 characters are not enough, so the company wants to give more human touch to use Twitter through this feature. So now users will be able to record the tweet in their voice.

The way to use Voice Tweet is the same as you tweet text. For Voice Tweet you have to open Tweet Composer and here you will see a new wavelength icon.

After tapping it, you will get the option to record, during this time your profile photo will be shown in the center and the record button will be shown here. You can send a voice tweet by tapping. One voice after another will be transformed into a tweet thread.

Twitter has said, 'Each Voice Tweet can record up to 140 seconds of audio. If you have more to say than this, then you keep speaking. After the limit is over, a new voice tweet will start and it will create a thread.
Voice tweets will appear on Twitter's feed in the same way as common tweets. Tapping on an image to hear a voice tweet.

According to the company, only playback in iOS will start in a new window which will be docked in the bottom of the timeline. That is, you can listen to the voice tweet continuously while scrolling while watching other tweets.

Voice tweet will also be of benefit that you will be able to listen to voice tweet even while doing other work. Twitter has said that this feature will be released for all iOS users in the coming weeks.

Wi-Fi Inspector App will catch Internet data thieves

WiFi hacker

If you use WiFi or mobile hotspots and you feel that someone else is breaking your internet data, then mobile apps can become your watchman. Let's know about such special apps ...

Wi-Fi Inspector App

This app with a 4.3 rating is available for free. Using this app, users can get information about how many people have connected their device to their Wi-Fi router or hotspot. Also, the name of those devices and their MAC address will also appear in it. The app developer claims that this application is able to tell all information within 30 seconds. This app works on Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system or above. This app has been made available on the Google Play Store under the name Wifi Inspector.

Wifi kill app

The WiFi Kill application not only helps prevent others from connecting to the WiFi hotspot, but it also gives an option to increase its speed if you are using a public WiFi. This app is available on Google Playstore under the name Free Wifi Kill reference. Explain that there are many security loopholes in public WiFi networks. Also, there is a high risk of virus coming from the device. If some people around you use public wifi, then this app prevents them from stealing data. The thing to note is that WiFi Kill only works with rooted smartphones.

Fing Network Tools App

After installing the Fing - Network Tools app on Google Playstore on your smartphone or tablet, users can know how many devices are connected to your router. In Fing, the icon, the 'Mac' and the device appear. The history of the device can also be seen in it. You can also find out which device was connected to which Wi-Fi router.

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Corona positive, father of student taking PUC exam, 24 children home quarantine

Corona positive, father of student taking PUC exam, 24 children home quarantine

Examinations are now being conducted amidst the corona virus crisis. At the same time, parents are worried about how to take exams in such an environment and how safe they will be. Let us tell you, 24 students appeared in Pre-University Certificate (PUC) examination in Bengaluru on Thursday. After which it came to know that the father of one of these students is Corona positive. Now all 24 students are home quarantine.

According to the Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE), 5,68,975 students appeared in this examination, while 27,022 missed it. A total of 5,95,997 students had registered for the exam.

At the same time, 223 students of Containment Zone participated in this examination. Let us know, 204 new cases of corona virus were registered in Karnataka on Wednesday.

In the PUC exam, the students wrote the exam at a center located in Jayanagar, Bangalore South. On Friday morning, health department officials told the college after the corona report of the father of one of the students of that center came back positive.

A total of 640 students from two colleges had appeared for the examination on their campus. The daughter of any of those patients had written the exam along with all these students.

As soon as the call of the health officer came, the principals of those two colleges were called and the parents of 24 students were asked to give instructions.

College officials said that no symptoms of corona virus were seen in any of the students in the examination center where the exam was written. Even the girl whose father's report has been corona positive did not have any health related problem.

Intelligence agencies alert the government about these 52 Chinese mobile apps, see the complete list

Intelligence agencies alert the government about these 52 Chinese mobile apps, see the complete list

Indian security agencies have asked the government to either block 52 mobile applications linked to China or advise people not to use them, as they are not safe to use. These apps are sending data out of India on a large scale. People associated with this case have given this information to Hindustan Times. The list that security agencies have sent to the government includes video conferencing apps like Zoom, TickTalk, UC Browser, Xander, Share It and Clean Master.

A senior central government official said that the proposal given by intelligence agencies has also been supported by the National Security Council Secretariat, which believes that these apps can pose a threat to India's security. "The proposal is under discussion," said an official. He also elaborated that the standard of all mobile apps and the risks associated with them will be investigated.

In April this year, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued an advisory on the use of zoom. This advisory was issued by the Ministry on the proposal of the National Cyber   Security Agency Computer Emergency Response Team India (CERT-in). India is not the first country to ban the use of zoom app in the government. Earlier Taiwan also banned government agencies from using the zoom app. Germany and America have done the same. The company reacted to the advisory of the Ministry of Home Affairs and said that it was serious about the security of the users.
There have been demands for action on mobile apps that compromise security. Companies like Chinese Internet company Byte Dance, owned by the video sharing app, have denied this. But officials say that apps designed by Chinese developers or with Chinese links, whether they are for Android or iOS, can be used as spyware or other harmful ware. There are reports that security agencies have advised security personnel not to use these Chinese apps as it threatens their data security.

Security agencies in Western countries have also expressed similar concerns about the hardware and software associated with China. An argument is also made that in the event of war, it can harm the communication services.

These apps on radar

TikTok, Vault-Hide, Vigo Video, Bigo Live, Weibo
WeChat, SHAREit, UC News, UC Browser
BeautyPlus, Xender, ClubFactory, Helo, LIKE
Kwai, ROMWE, SHEIN, NewsDog, Photo Wonder
APUS Browser, VivaVideo- QU Video Inc

Mi Community, DU recorder, YouCam Makeup

DU Cleaner, DU Privacy, Clean Master - Cheetah
CacheClear du apps studio, Baidu Translate, Baidu Map
Wonder Camera, ES File Explorer, QQ International

Mail Master, Mi Video call-Xiaomi, Parallel Space


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